Lil mama’s knocked out in the back. Her light snores were barely audible over Jay Z’s Picasso Baby. Jay Z is Jaiden’s favorite MC. That’s one of his vices. No matter what he’s always in attendance when Jay Z comes to town.

"Sleeping every night…



“I’m getting fat.”

Kae laughed at me as I held my stomach in her full length mirror. She was lying on her bed, not working for once. “You’re not fat baby girl. You’re just beginning to look pregnant, a tiny bit.”

“You’re not helping Kae. If you think I…



“I’m getting fat.”

Kae laughed at me as I held my stomach in her full length mirror. She was lying on her bed, not working for once. “You’re not fat baby girl. You’re just beginning to look pregnant, a tiny bit.”

“You’re not helping Kae. If you think I…



Who the fuck is at the door at damn near 3am? Interrupting the drink I absolutely needed. I made steps toward the door, but stopped once I realized that this wasn’t my house and that there could be some lunatic waiting for me.

My curiosity won the battle as I approached…


Feedback is everything, not to mention it keeps the writer going when people actually review a chapter and vent how they feel about it. :)

Totally agree.



Who the fuck is at the door at damn near 3am? Interrupting the drink I absolutely needed. I made steps toward the door, but stopped once I realized that this wasn’t my house and that there could be some lunatic waiting for me.

My curiosity won the battle as I approached…


Who the fuck is at the door at damn near 3am? Interrupting the drink I absolutely needed. I made steps toward the door, but stopped once I realized that this wasn’t my house and that there could be some lunatic waiting for me.


My curiosity won the battle as I approached the door on the tip of my toes, peeking through the peephole. I dropped down flat on my feet, still unable to identify the familiar looking stranger. “Who is it?”


“It’s Shannon.” My lips were sealed. I didn’t know anybody by that name. “You don’t know me, but I’m Shannon. Chris’ older brother.”


Chris doesn’t have a brot- Oh shit. He did mention that once, but only that one time. I’ve since forgotten that Chris wasn’t an only child and does share his parents with a sibling. “Ugh, are you gonna let me in or nah?”


“Um. Yeah, give me a second.” I ran to the room slipping on a pair of sweats and my robe, to cover the see-through lingerie set I was wearing. I bit my lip at my baby getting some much needed rest. I should probably wake him, but he needs sleep too. I feel bad for waking him up throughout the last couple of nights. So for now I kissed his forehead and stepped out.




“Still here…waiting.” I rolled my eyes at his attempt at catching an attitude with me, but I decided to let it go. I undid the locks as some last minute doubts washed through me. I opened the door and was shocked.




I was awakened by the loud yet cute giggles that I know belong to my baby girl, Ariana. She’s laughing. I became alarmed as my outstretched arms came up empty in an attempt to capture her. Then I heard it again, my head snapped to the door that was nearly closed, but cracked just enough so that her voice was audible.


Not waking up next to her had me missing her, as crazy as that sounds, but I decided to handle my business in the bathroom first. Once my bladder was emptied and I’d washed my hands and brushed my teeth, I couldn’t get to my baby fast enough.


She was humming in the slightly warm kitchen, indicating that she was cooking, something she hadn’t been up for since she’d moved in with me. I couldn’t and didn’t want to fight the smile that instantly appeared the moment my eyes landed on her.


No one understands how much I love this girl. I don’t think she gets it. I snaked my arms around her hips, surprising her with a kiss to her neck. She turned in my arms and connected our mouths.


I’m pretty sure she wasn’t expecting the forceful, lip biting kiss that left her breathless once it ended. “Someone’s happy to see me.” She giggled once more as I pecked her lips a few times.


“I missed you once I realized you weren’t beside me.” I kissed her soft lips. “What’s with the feast anyway?”


From the corner of my eye, I saw someone pause at the head of the kitchen. My eyes weren’t ready for the sight they landed on.


Before me stood my sorry ass older brother, wearing a stupid grin that I wanted to wipe off of his face. “What’s up lil bro?”


I turned back to Ari, as my nostrils flared from my sudden burst of anger. “This the reason you in a good mood?” I spat venomously at her.


She was always good at reading my mood, but not even her words could calm down the sea of red I was seeing. She tried to speak, but I cut her off before she could get a word out. “No answer my question. Is this nigga the reason you so got damn happy Ari?”


“Baby, I-”


“Don’t fucking patronize with that baby shit. Just answer my damn question. Better yet, don’t fucking bother.” I left the two of them standing there, making sure to slam the damn door.


It wasn’t too much later that a teary eyed Ariana walked into the room. I could tell that she was trying to be strong and hold it in. “Chris what is wrong with you? Are you crazy?” I walked up on her quickly, scaring her into a corner until her back hit the wall.


“Don’t insult my intelligence. I heard you laughing all in the niggas face and you want me to believe that it’s just a coincidence that you decided to cook for the first time when his bum ass pops up out of the blue?”


“He said he’s been calling you for days.”


I laughed one of those dry laughs that your heart isn’t really into. “You defending the nigga now. Did you fuck him too?” I must have really hit a nerve because she paused her tears long enough to slap the shit out of me.


She gasped realizing what she’d done. “Pumpkin-” I cut her off before she could get another word out, raising my finger to her face.


I didn’t say a word as I glared at her. She tried to reach for me, but I stepped out of her reach. Still mute, I moved away from her, pulling a shirt over my head and shoes on my feet. All the while, ignoring her questions of where I was going.


I slammed the bedroom door shut so she wouldn’t follow me and ran into this fucking idiot on my way to the door.


“I always knew you were a dumbass.” He announced with a slow clap.


“Nigga fuck you. I’d beat your ass, but you’re not even worth the effort you fucking low life.” I ranted before I dipped with no true destination in mind. Except, to get away from those two back there. Well I did have someone in mind. I’m just not sure if this is the phone call I should be making.


“Let me get this straight. So you wake up to baby girl cooking, then you notice your brother’s there and the first thing that pops into your head is that they fucked?”


“I guess.”


“Nigga, you trippin.” Shad stated as he shook his head. We were at a bar taking a few back. I called because I thought he would take my side, but maybe I was wrong.


“How can you look me in the face and say that I’m trippin, when you know how that nigga operates?”


“See, that right there is exactly what I mean. You so focused on Shannon that you forgetting about your girl.”


“What about her?” I questioned him.


“Nigga you stupid. A blind man can see how much that girl loves you.” He spat at me with animation.


“Shit man, I gotta get home.” I patted my pockets for cash. How could I have been so fucking stupid?


“Don’t worry about this. I got it. You just go make sure you still have a girl.” Damn it, I fucked up, after all the promises I made to her on Christmas and after the shit we just went through losing the baby.


I can’t believe I acted like such a fucking idiot. I’m the one preaching to her that I’ve changed and today just proved that I haven’t, at all.


The apartment was pretty quiet when I walked in, leaving me to believe that Ariana left. She left me. I felt defeated and stupid. I caused this, every bit of it is my fault. I dropped the keys in the living room and was about to take a seat on the couch, when I heard something clatter in the bedroom. Slowly, I got onto my feet and took careful steps to the master suite. Once at the door I heard voices. “I’m going home and that’s final.”


Shit. “I don’t care. He thinks I had sex with his brother Draya. I never should have come here.” That’s when I decided to let my presence be known. Forcefully, I entered the room and her wet eyes landed on mine. “Draya, I’ll call you once I make it to my parents’ house.”


She deaded the call and went back to packing her things into her suitcase. I didn’t like how easily she was ignoring me. Her silence was throwing daggers into my chest. “Ari.”


She didn’t even look at me. She just turned around and walked into the bathroom. I followed, panicking even more when I saw her collecting her toiletries from there too. “What are you doing?” I asked with a shaky voice.


“What does it look like I’m doing?” She answered dejectedly. She sounded like the life had been sucked out of her.


“Packing to leave.” I stated praying that I was wrong. What I really wanted to say was, “packing to leave me,” but my pride and my heart wouldn’t allow those words to be spoken.


“Well aren’t we wise.”


“Baby look. I know I overreacted-”


“Overreacted? Chris you blew up on me for nothing. Nothing.” Her voice cracked on the last word. “I’m tired. I’m so tired. I just want to go home.”


“You are home.” I reminded her.


“Just save it. Please.” Her raised hand silenced me.


“Ari, you can’t go. Please, just don’t go.”


“Fuck you.” She yelled, finally showing an emotion different from hurt. Anger. “Fuck you. Why am I always left to be the bad guy for wanting to leave when you’ve fucked up? You fucked up big Christopher.”


“I love you and I’m sorry.”


“This is beyond sorry’s Chris. You think I slept with your brother. After everything that’s happened. And everything we’ve been through this week.”


“I said I’m sorry Ari.”


“Well I’m tired of your fucking sorry’s. Stop telling me you’re sorry and show me.” She screamed wiping her wet eyes. “Show me you love me by letting me explain that hey your brother stopped by. Or by giving me the benefit of the doubt.”


She walked closer to me, stopping once we were face-to-face. “Or let your girlfriend explain that after feeling bad all week about her miscarriage, she finally felt strong enough and appreciative of her supportive boyfriend that she wanted to do something nice for him. And breakfast seemed like a good place to start.” She wiped away fallen tears on her shirt.


“But hey that’s what I get for trying. Right?” She tried to laugh it off in her teary state.


I hurt her bad, and looking at her, seeing the hurt that I caused, hurt me. “How am I supposed to show you if you leave?”


She took a seat on the couch in front of the bed. “Why do you even want me to stay? We don’t work together.”


“Because I love you and I’m in fucking love with you. I can’t think. I can’t even breathe properly without you. I need you.”


“You have a funny way of showing it Chris.” She scoffed and dropped her head into her hands.


“You still love me right?”


“You know I do.” Relief rushed through me. “I wish I didn’t, but I do.”


My head snapped in her direction, as a variety of emotions washed through me all at once. Hurt. Anger. Sorrow. Regret. Regret hitting me the hardest. “Now you’re just trying to say shit to piss me off.”


“I’m not like you. I don’t say things that I know will hurt you, but I have to be honest.” At this point I was heated. “Your actions sometimes cause me to regret agreeing to be in this relationship.”


“I have problems Ari. I get that, but how is making me feel low helping the situation?”


She shook her head, failing to stop her own tears. “That’s not my intention I just want you to understand how your words affect me. Sometimes I wish I would have kept everything strictly business between us, because then I wouldn’t love you. And walking away wouldn’t rip my heart into pieces.”


My head hung low at the realization that I let her down, yet again. No matter how hard I try, I’m never enough for her and that’s my fault not hers. She’s just that great of a person. “Come here.” Ari called out to me. God, I can’t lose her. I love her too much, and that’s the part that really scares me. I don’t know if I could bounce back from the loss of Ariana in my life.


I kneeled in front of her, waiting for whatever she was getting ready to throw my way. Surprise. I was completely surprised when she wrapped her arms around me for a tight hug. “I love you.” She cried into my shoulder and I let her, unselfishly for the first time today.


“Are we good?” I asked Ariana.


“I don’t know. The only thing I’m sure about is how much I love you, but I can tell you now that this relationship will not last if this is the way you’re going to speak to me when you get upset. I’ve lived through that once. I won’t do it again.”


I nodded in agreement because deep down I know that, but still I always seem to fuck up. Maybe I have been the problem or at least a part of the problem in my past relationships. “I’m sorry baby.”


“I know pumpkin.” She sighed audibly. “I just want you to think before you say just anything.”


She pulled back looking me in the eye as our foreheads touched. “Kiss?”


“You still want to kiss me?”


“I always want to kiss you. You’re my pumpkin and I’m not giving up on you.” I kissed her, long and hard with the appreciation that she’s my woman. I have no idea why God gave such a blessing to a fuck up like me, but I’m happy he did. “The way you were today…How angry you get…It scares me.”


“I know. I would never put my hands on you. I’m gonna work on it, but I don’t want to make any more promises that I can’t keep.”


“I get it, but I don’t want you to keep beating yourself up about it. What’s done is done and I need you to know that you’re enough for me and more.”


“So…does this mean you aren’t leaving?”


Nervous Chris was back, so I decided to make him sweat, prolonging my response. “Stay here?”


He nodded as he bit his lip, something I’ve noticed he does when he’s nervous. I pretended to have a hard time thinking about my answer before I nodded and said, “Yes.”


Chris sighed in relief, before I added, “But I’m not unpacking that suitcase.” I pointed to my half full suitcase on the bed.


“I’ll do it.” Chris suggested quickly, making me laugh and kiss his juicy lips.


“But can we take a nap first? Today has been extremely exhausting and I could really use a power nap.”


I smiled down at her in my arms. “How about you take a nap and I’ll unpack everything while you sleep?” I recommended while tucking a wild hair in place.


“Sounds perfect.” She smiled one of her effervescent smiles at me. I placed a kiss on each of her eyes and then her lips increasing the size of her smile. “Just lay with me until I fall asleep.” She suggested as she kicked her bag to the floor.


“Always.” I reassured her as I filled the space beside her, just watching her be her. I’m not even sure if she’s aware of the energy she radiates. People love Ariana.


Not the thirsty hoes at school, but everyone else does. Shad is her biggest supporter. I don’t think he thought he would see the day that I would wife a good girl, that’s down for me no matter the consequences.


She’s my heart now. She brought light and warmth to a part of me that I had accepted would be forever consumed with darkness and an unbearable coldness.


I watched as she snuggled into me and fell asleep with ease. I don’t care what she says, she’s too good for me. I don’t care how many good deeds I perform, I’ll never measure up to what she’s worth.


I waited until I knew she wouldn’t wake up before I slipped away. I kissed her forehead and caressed her cheek, then I left my sleeping beauty to rest. There’s something I need to handle. Some shit, I need to resolve. She doesn’t deserve to wake up to same ole hot headed Chris.


One of the two have to go.

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Question(dramatic pause) Who the hell at the door?!? Answer

I have no idea what you’re talking about. lol

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QuestionSave by the bell...I think. They need counseling Answer

Lol every relationship needs counseling.

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QuestionI just recently found this and I LOVE IT!!!! Chris and Ari are so cute! It's sad that they lost the baby but that was god telling them that it wasn't their time! Hmmmm I wonder who's at the door???? Can't wait to see what happens next Answer

Youre absolutely right. Those are my babies! But Idk, you have to keep reading to find out. And I’m happy you’re exciting.

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QuestionAwwwww they lost the baby? :( pooooo Answer

Yeah unfortunately, but it just wasnt the right time. God has a plan for everything.

QuestionUpdate? Answer


QuestionUpdate soon? Answer


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QuestionI noticed how in chapter fourteen you quoted Drake and I absolutely loved that! - Furthest thing Answer

Drake is the homie and I love that song so i had to do it :)