I knocked on his door, still unsure if this was a good idea. I can’t control my temper and the person I’m attempting to speak to. I haven’t spoken to him for almost a year.



The last time I was forced to by my parents. This time…I have Ari to thank. Almost losing her has made me realize that if I don’t rid myself of some of this anger, I’m gonna lose the best thing that’s ever happened to me.



I looked around at this cold house, I tried to make a home. I should have known. This place has never felt like one.



The opening of the door stole my attention. I shook my head at the sight. The nigga hasn’t been back for a full 24 hours and he’s already got a half-naked bitch answering his door. “Who is it baby?”



She smiled and bit her lip, as she eyed me from head to toe until she reached my eyes once more. The way she was eyeing me made me uncomfortable. Ariana is the only woman I want looking at me that way. “A cute, younger version of you.”



I caught him looking over his shoulder, catching sight of me as I looked passed this girl. I’m smart enough now to not confuse the two. My brother doesn’t have girlfriends. There are girls that he fuck, but that’s it. The last time he had a girlfriend was high school, and as far as I saw he dogged her out.



Watching him mistreat women made me never want to be like him. Another reason I’m so hard on myself when I upset baby girl. When that happens I see myself becoming him, the one person in this world that I despise.



“Tell him to meet me in the living room.” I turned away before she could reply. I heard the closing of the door before I hit the couch. I looked out at the window, reminiscing on how a week ago we were staring out in to the city, happy, and optimistic about the future.



I can still see it. We both finish school, her using her degree, me in the NBA. We’d get married after my first season, then soon after she’d pop out a few of my babies.




“What ae you smiling about lil nigga?” I looked up just in time to watch my brother plop down onto the couch across from me. Again, wearing that stupid grin on his face.

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Not today, but I’m posting an excerpt from Chapter 22 in a minute.💋



Who the fuck is at the door at damn near 3am? Interrupting the drink I absolutely needed. I made steps toward the door, but stopped once I realized that this wasn’t my house and that there could be some lunatic waiting for me.

My curiosity won the battle as I approached…




Thank God for Bella sending me her notes that day I missed school. My wonderful professor, decided that he should spring a quiz on us without notice, and I would have failed of it wasn’t for Bell’s notes because that seemed to be where the majority of the question stemmed from….

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I giggled as Chris had me pinned to his office door, while I fought to stop him from marking his territory. “Chris, stop I have to go to a meeting once I leave here.”

“Mm-Humph.” He responded in understanding, but moved up to my lips, as he sneakily pulled my shirt…