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QuestionWhen does the full chapter come out? Answer

It’s looking like Sunday or Monday for the full chapter, but it will only be part one of the party.

Thanks for being patient loves.😘😘😘



The most awkward taxi ride ever. That seems like a fitting description.

Chris insisted that he sit in the middle, with me seated at his right. And although, he hadn’t said the words, I knew our high school seating arrangements were to keep me far away from his…


The most awkward taxi ride ever. That seems like a fitting description.



Chris insisted that he sit in the middle, with me seated at his right. And although, he hadn’t said the words, I knew our high school seating arrangements were to keep me far away from his brother.



It’s obvious that he still doesn’t trust him, and I’m beginning to see why. New York traffic was at an all-time high, due to it being New Year’s Eve, and everyone making their way to time square to watch the ball drop. We were at a standstill, and an impatient Chris thought it would be better to walk, rather than pay for a taxi that was taking us nowhere.



Chris paid the driver, as I exited stage right. “You need help getting out?” I jokingly asked, and for a brief moment I was able to morph his stoic face into a smile.



He took my hand and led the way to the hotel while Shannon lagged behind. It was weird. He hasn’t said a word to either one of us, but his creepy was always felt, anytime Chris was distracted. Other than that, he was on his phone smiling about who knows what. I’m beginning to think that Chris was right. Inviting him was not one of my better ideas, but trust and believe, I will not let him ruin tonight for me and Chris.



We need tonight more than anything. We’ve been on a roller coaster ride since winter break began. Yes, there have been some good times, but the bad seem to have erase the good from our spirits. I just want to be happy, and I want Chris to be happy, but most of all, I want Chris and I to be equally happy together.




I liked dragged around the city with Chris. It’s the type of thing I’d imagined when he first presented the idea of spending break together.



It’s just that relationship breaks and medical issues get in the way.



The streets were crowded with couples and joyous singles alike, trying to watch the ball drop. Luckily for us, the taxi had taken us most of the way, which I was happy about, because I was freezing my butt off in this two piece set I specifically wore for my man. It’s been a while since we’ve dressed up to go anywhere and I wanted to look extra special for him. In no time at all, we were entering the hotels beautiful lobby. Even the ceiling was a masterpiece.




Chris took a seat on a nearby bench, while Shannon excused himself for a trip to the restroom. Is it bad that I was happy he was gone? Chris let my hand go for the first time tonight, once he’d pulled me down onto his lap. “Stop being so rough with me.”




I was gazing into his eyes, when he lifted his phone to his ear. “Sorry, baby.” He quickly apologized, and pecked my lips, collecting a bit of lipstick on his luscious lips. I used my thumb to remove the smeared res stripe from his lip.




I sat patiently as he talked to Shad about us getting to the room. Because Shad had a suite, we needed a room key to gain access to his floor. Chris answered, “Alright,” to a part of their conversation that I hadn’t caught. He hung up, letting me know that we were on the move, as Shannon rejoined our small group of three. We stopped at the elevator just as always over the top Shad Moss.



Shad walked his overly animated butt to us, immediately greeting Chris with a dap that turned into a brotherly hug. After their bromance moment was over, it was my turn to be acknowledged. “What’s up, baby girl?” He pulled me in for a hug, but quickly stepped away.




I didn’t understand why until I saw…




I knocked on his door, still unsure if this was a good idea. I can’t control my temper and the person I’m attempting to speak to. I haven’t spoken to him for almost a year.

The last time I was forced to by my parents. This time…I have Ari to thank. Almost losing her has made…


I knocked on his door, still unsure if this was a good idea. I can’t control my temper and the person I’m attempting to speak to. I haven’t spoken to him for almost a year.


The last time I was forced to by my parents. This time…I have Ari to thank. Almost losing her has made me realize that if I don’t rid myself of some of this anger, I’m gonna lose the best thing that’s ever happened to me.


I looked around at this cold house, I tried to make a home. I should have known. This place has never felt like one.


The opening of the door stole my attention. I shook my head at the sight. The nigga hasn’t been back for a full 24 hours and he’s already got a half-naked bitch answering his door. “Who is it baby?”


She smiled and bit her lip, as she eyed me from head to toe until she reached my eyes once more. The way she was eyeing me made me uncomfortable. Ariana is the only woman I want looking at me that way. “A cute, younger version of you.”


I caught him looking over his shoulder, catching sight of me as I looked passed this girl. I’m smart enough now to not confuse the two. My brother doesn’t have girlfriends. There are girls that he fuck, but that’s it. The last time he had a girlfriend was high school, and as far as I saw he dogged her out.


Watching him mistreat women made me never want to be like him. Another reason I’m so hard on myself when I upset baby girl. When that happens I see myself becoming him, the one person in this world that I despise.


“Tell him to meet me in the living room.” I turned away before she could reply. I heard the closing of the door before I hit the couch. I looked out at the window, reminiscing on how a week ago we were staring out in to the city, happy, and optimistic about the future.


I can still see it. We both finish school, her using her degree, me in the NBA. We’d get married after my first season, then soon after she’d pop out a few of my babies.


“What ae you smiling about lil nigga?” I looked up just in time to watch my brother plop down onto the couch across from me. Again, wearing that stupid grin on his face.


“Ari mentioned you’ve been trying to call.”


“I take it she hasn’t dumped you yet.” Still smiling.


I took a deep breath, and by her grace of God I remained calm. “Don’t worry about us. Just answer my question. Have you been trying to reach me?”




“I knew this would be a waste of my time.” I got up, not caring about repairing whatever relationship we had left.


“Ok. Yes. I’ve been calling you, but you haven’t answered any of my calls.” He stated trying to be serious for once.


I sat down never taking my eyes off of him. “You see that’s what I don’t get. I don’t have any missed calls from you.”


“Of course you would say that.” He chuckled, but I could sense the slight irritation in his once.


“What reason do I have to lie?” I too was growing irritated at the direction this conversation was going. Neither of us are at a place where we’re willing to trust the other. Although, I don’t understand his problem with me because I’ve never done anything to him.


“So you could justify you blowing up earlier over nothing. You probably ignored my calls so you could have another pointless reason to fuel your hatred for me.”


I had to do a double take. Is this nigga serious?


“Pointless? You slept with my girlfriend.” I shouted.


“That was four years ago. Get over it.”


I scoffed as I looked around the room. “You want to know why we don’t have a relationship.”


“Please enlighten me.” He sarcastically responded.


“Because you’re a selfish bastard that doesn’t care about anyone, but yourself. Maybe if you could admit your wrongs, people would want to deal with you. But by all means keep doing you. It’s gotten you this far right?”


I’m done talking to him. Nothing I say is gonna change his opinion of me and I’m okay with that. I’m okay with living my life without him, because at least I know I tried. I know I’m still gonna have to deal with him on the rare occasion that my parents want to pretend that we’re one perfect and happy family unit, but as long as I have Ari by my side, I’m positive I can get through those few occasions.


I stormed off, satisfied with the strategic progress I’ve made with him. I stopped in my tracks at Ari waiting for me at our bedroom door. Her sorrowful face took pity on me. She opened her arms, welcoming me, comforting me, as she knew I needed.


I walked us back into our bedroom, closing the door. Her small body squeezed me around my center and whispered, “I love you pumpkin. And I’m proud of you for taking the first step and trying to fix your broken relationship. I’m so proud of you and I love you.”


Have you ever been overwhelmed by the amount of love someone sends you? Ariana’s love overwhelms me. Often times, I get this guilty feeling that I’m holding her back.


“Love you more.” And it’s true. I love her more and more every day that passes. I pulled my face out of her hair taking her in. Soon after she looked up at me with those beautiful innocent eyes.


I placed my hand at the nape of her neck pulling her lips to mine. This is what I need. I thought I needed to fix my relationship with my brother, but all I really need is her. She’s my medicine. The kiss ended and I just stared at her. I can’t believe she’s mine. “Why are you looking at me like that?” She asked with a curious smirk.


I squeezed her to me, as I pulled the both of us onto the couch. “I don’t know. I just can’t stop thinking about how much I love you.”


I laughed as she tried hard to hold back her smile, but was unsuccessful. “My cheeks are gonna be sore if you keep up this sweet shit.”


I grabbed my chest, feigning shock. “Ariana’s cursing.”


“I’ve been corrupt.” She stated proudly. I shook my head, as I sat back, with Ari sitting pretty on my lap. “You baby girl are something else.” My phone buzzed in my pocket. It was Shad checking in on me. I let him know that everything was good and he gave me some information that I needed to run by Ari before I replied.




“Huh?” She answered with her head still in her phone. Who is she talking to anyway? “I need to ask you something.”


“Ask away pumpkin.” She still hadn’t turned my way. I’m beginning to see why she got so heated a while back, when I would talk or listen to her without acknowledging her with my eyes. Its mad annoying, and rude, and I feel slightly ignored.


“Baby, can you look at me?” She stopped what she was doing and turned her entire body, until she was facing me.


“You have my undivided attention, sir.” She informed me as she placed her phone on the couch beside u. I eyed it the entire way. The insecure nigga inside of me, had me wanting to demand her to show me what she was all into a second ago, but the rational part of my brain explained to me that if I wanted to keep my girl, I would let it go.


And I did. “Do you feel up to leaving the house today?”


“What did you have in mind?” Ari asked, taken aback.


“Um, Shad’s having a New Year’s Eve party at a hotel, but we don’t have to go. What’s up?” I asked at her facial change.


“Nothing. I just didn’t realize that much time has passed. Did you?”


“Yeah, but I didn’t want to push you to go out. I’m only asking now because it’s Shad.”


“Then count me in. I have to go out sometime. I have to go out sometime.”


“You don’t have to, but I want to go.” I eyed her. “Really, Chris. I’m fine.”


“Alright.” I looked at her knowing something was on her mind. “Just say it.”


She stepped away from me, as she fidgeted with her fingers. “Ok. Don’t get mad, but maybe we should invite your brother.”


I laughed, unintentionally, but stopped once I realized she was serious. I took a deep breathe, looking everywhere in the room except, in her direction. “And why would we do that?”


“Look, your talk was a good start, but maybe you need to do something brotherly. Something stress-free. Bond over a beer.”


I shook my head, unsure. “I don’t know…”


She pulled my face to her, kissed my lips and looked into my eyes. “How about this? You go take a shower and I’ll invite your brother.”


I sighed, aggressively folding my arms. “Which part of that plan is supposed to be a good idea?”


Ariana roughly pecked my lips, before she released me, and walked backwards to the door. “Don’t be mean, or I won’t scrub you clean.” She winked before she disappeared into the living area.


I shouldn’t be this nervous, but I am. He’s just another human being, but even that’s not true. He’s Chris’ brother. The same brother that just this morning Chris accused me of sleeping with. It may look like I’m overstepping my boundaries, but I want to see him happy.


He put up a good front, but I can always tell when something is bothering him, and this is bothering him. I knocked on the door and was quickly greeted by a shirtless Shannon. He looked to be in the middle of buttoning his shirt, but stopped once he noticed it was me. I rolled my eyes at his creepy smile, as his wandering eyes made my skin crawl. “Hi.”


“Chris and I are going to a party later, and we wanted to invite you, if you don’t already have plans.” I said as I hugged my body.


He licked his lips, before he asked. “Why are you with him?”


This little fucker.


I have options here. I could go off on him and cause a scene that would probably result in Chris’ beating his ass. Or I could give him a pass.


I think I’ll do both. “I’m going to forget you said that for Chris’ sake. Now we’re leaving in a few hours. Be ready by then if you’re going.” And with that, I walked away. Unsure if I’d done the right thing. My brain is telling me that I should tell Chris, but I don’t want any drama. We deserve a drama free night of fun.


I paused at the bathroom door, at the sound of the shower running. I opened the door, but leaned against the threshold at the sight in front of me. Chris in all of his naked glory, washing his tight abs. “I thought that was supposed to be my job?”


Chris was actually surprised at the sound of my voice, but smiled as I removed my shirt, as I made moves to the shower. I striped myself of the rest of my clothes, and stood outside of the door. “Get in.”


I smirked as I shook my head. “Get in, before I make you get in.” Oh, how I love fucking with him. I stood my ground refusing to make a move towards him. Instead, I turned to walk away.


I yipped, as his wet arms grabbed me from behind, pulling me under the warm water, before he backed me to the tiled wall. “Why must you be so difficult?” His steamy breath hit my neck, before he left a trail a kisses up to my lips.


He asked me a question, but never gave me a chance to ask as his mouth occupied mine, and his hands worshiped my body. The body he hasn’t been able to in the last few days. God. I love his hands.

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QuestionChris cares very deeply for Ariana because anything that involves her, Chris takes to heart. Case in point, Ari laughing and his brother being in her presence at the same time when Chris woke up from his nap. Chris wants to be the source of Ari's laughter and was hurt because he thought another man made her laugh. Answer

Chris has falln in love in a way he hasn’t before, so its all new to him and hes struggling to find a balance between caring and letting whatever happens happen. His past plays a part in that too.

Chris wants to be Ariana’s everything and he doesn’t see much room for anybody else. His own insecurities also play into the laughing thing. Remember his brother slept with his first girlfriend in high school.

Good observations!

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QuestionChris got things laid out for him and Ari. Answer

Chris is like that’s my baby. I’m not letting her go. He know he has a real one. Lol.

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QuestionNice chapter:) Answer

Thanks love!😘😘😘

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QuestionI'm excited to see where this convo between Chris and his goes.. This should be interesting. Answer

Chris and his brother are one big ball of complications. There’s history there, so this should def be interesting. *fingers crossed*

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QuestionI'm ready for the full chapter Answer

It’s coming today! I just need to proof read and answer questions before I post it.

Thanks for being patient love.😜✌️

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QuestionChris needs to get his anger under control. He went ape shit too quick on Ari. Talk things out then react. Answer

I completely agree. He goes 0-100 real quick, but I think even now he’s improved.

The old Chris wouldn’t have called Shad. The old Chris would have only had Revenge on his mind. So small, but monumental improvement.✌️

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QuestionPlease please update you can't just give us that amazing preview and not update-E Answer

The new chapter is coming today. Don’t worry. I finally found the time to finish it. Lol.